What’s your data personality? Take our quiz

How data literate are you? Are you more or less empowered to use data than your peers? Or perhaps you suffer from data fatigue.

Take our Data Literacy Quiz to find out if you’re a Data Aristocrat, Data Knight, Data Dreamer or Data Doubter.

1. How would you feel if you were to be confronted by this scenario?

2. Thinking about the way you interact with data in your professional life, which of the following best describes your experience

3. Do you feel empowered to use data at work?

4. How often do you feel overwhelmed with data?

5. In your opinion, who is responsible for ensuring you have the skills needed to effectively work with data?

6. How concerned are you about automation, robots and the rise of AI taking over your job?

7. To what extent would you agree with this statement? “The ability to understand and work with data is now just as vital as the ability to read or write”

8. How has the growing awareness of the “fake news” and inaccurate online content led to you changing the way you look at data?

More about you

Find out more about your data personality, and how you can get data literate

Data Doubter

You're fed-up of the amount of stats and facts that you are bombarded with. But burying your head in the sand puts you at a disadvantage at work - and you can also be sold lies. Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes.

Data Dreamer

You recognise the importance of working with data, and the benefits it can have on your role… don’t be afraid to make the business case for your upskilling.

Data Knight

You're feeling the increase in data volume on your shoulders. You are skilled at battling with it, but your armour is not bullet proof. Push your managers to give you time for dedicated data exploration.

Data Aristocrat

No data stone goes unturned when you’re around – and this high aptitude for understanding will set you in great stead for the future. Why not step up to empower those around you?